In Bücheli, one can enjoy not only cocktails and coffee creations but also snacks in the form of mixed plates. And all of this during the entire opening hours – ideal for night owls.

Panini with cheese 9.50
Panini with tomatoes & mozzarella 10.50
Panini with salami 9.50
Panini with salami spicy 9.50
Panini with ham 9.50
Panini with Parma ham 10.50
Panini with Bresaola 11.50
Toast with ham and cheese 8.50
Grana Padano DOP with Ciabatta 7.50
Hummus with Ciabatta 8.50.-
Portion of olives, iliaaa from Greece 7.50
Green & black olives without stone marinated in high quality extra virgin olive oil with ciabatta
Portion of olives, iliaaa from Greece 6.50
Green & black olives without stone in brine with ciabatta
Portion of olives iliaaa from Greece with ciabatta 6.50
Plate of Parma ham with ciabatta 21.-
Bresaola with Ciabatta 25.-
per supplement 2.-
Mixed plate with ciabatta 23.-
Parma ham, salami, Bresaola, Grano Padano DOG piece & olives (Greece)