Anyone looking for a bar in Basel, cannot get past the Bücheli bar in Steinenvorstadt. In Basel, the Bücheli lounge is a place with a long tradition and history. The central location is not only a meeting place with an outstanding reputation and popularity, but is always up to date when it comes to contemporary trends.

Popular amongst young and old, the Bücheli bar is more than a Café. The “Bücheli”, as it is known colloquially in the Basel region, exists in its present form in the Steinenvorstadt in Basel only since 2004. The tradition as a meeting place and Café goes back much further up to the year 1939. At that time, and until the year 1982 the Bücheli was officially called “Café Ritz”. The name was quite good at the time: seeing and being seen was previously true for this Café and has hardly changed up till today.

Many of today’s guests rave about the ambience of the Bücheli. From 1982 to 2004, the Bücheli was already once called “Bücheli”, but at that time it was in the form of a confectionery, which enjoyed a good reputation. From the year 2004, the confectionary gave way to a new business.

Since 2004, the Bücheli in Basel has stood up to the requirements of a well-maintained and central meeting place, a good bar with a large selection of drinks (with over 90 different cocktails), a café with the best espresso and cappuccino according to our regular customers, as well as a fashionable place for an outing for both locals and tourists with a certain flair. Each weekend is lit with live music by renowned DJ of the music scene.

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